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Automatic BOPP/ METPET Film Laminator.

Fully automatic BOPP, METPET, PVC & PET film lamination on to paper / board stock. Robust equipment for around the clock production with advanced features for

  • High throughput
  • Quick changeovers
  • Low glue consumption
  • Savings in Film usage
  • Inventory control


Fully Automatic Water Based P.P Film Laminating Machine with DISC – KNIFE + FLYING – KNIFE SYSTEM For BOPP, METPET, PVC & PET film lamination on to paper / board stock. The machine can be used in color packaging, food packaging, handbag, book & magazine, and other related paper surface lamination.

  • Feeder System
  • Dust Removal System
  • Laminating System
  • Drying System
  • Flying -Knife Cutting System
  • Chill System(Optional)
  • Stacker System


  • Immediately Print or die cut after lamination. No waiting time.
  • Lower running cost.
  • Strip lamination is possible.
  • Multiple film rolls from single shaft for inventory control.
  • Applicable for Medium to large volume packaging.
  • Applicable for Book and commercial print applications.
  • Optional Inline Aqueous coater.
  • Optional facility for Window lamination.

Automatic BOPP/ METPET Film Laminator Specifications

Technical Specifications
Maximum Paper Size: 1200 x 1100 mm
Minimum Paper Size: 400 x 350 mm
PP Film thickness 10 - 60 micron (approx)
Paper thickness 90 - 600 gsm (approx)
Laminating pressure 100 - 150 kg/cm3
Laminating temperature 50 - 100 oC
Power for Lamination Operation - Connected Load 92KW
Power for Lamination Operation - Usage Load 50KW
Weight 10200 kg
Overall size 10473 x 2415 x 2800 mm

*the specification and design may be modified or changed without prior notice.

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