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Automatic Diecutter With Stripper.

  • Different models are available for requirements of different customers.
  • Value for money entry level model - 1050 size
  • Highly productive model employing group expertise - 1060 size - with optional in line blanking
  • Large format Auto die cutter - 1450 size.
  • Reliable
  • High throughput
  • Quick make ready
  • Several machines sold across India
  • Manufactured by Shanghai Eterna - a BOBST group company

Standard Equipment ( 1050SDi )


  • Patent turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head.
  • Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment and more..

Die cutting Section :

  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement.
  • Precision stationery upper & mobile platen with optimized structure to reduce deformation under pressure hence less make ready & quick change over and more..

Stripping Section :

  • Triple action movement of the upper and lower stripping frames with lower spring loaded stripping pins.
  • Motorized upper frame suspending hoister and more..

Delivery Section :

  • Automatic delivery with non – stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange.
  • One complete piece brush across the machine and more..

General :

  • Each gripper bar can be individually shimmed to ensure very accurate and smoothly sheet – transport in case of uneven chain stretching after years of production.
  • Gripper bar locking levers can be adjusted by micro adjustment screws and more..

Automatic Diecutter With Stripper Specifications




Specification of paper stock range
Maximum die cutting size 1050 x 750 mm 1060x760 mm 1450 x 1100 mm
Minimum sheet size 400 x 360 mm 400 x 350 mm 700 x 500 mm
Stock range (a. Paper/cardboard) 80g/m2 – 600g/m2 (subject to quality of the paper) 90 g/m2-1000 g/m2(subject to quality of the paper) 0.2 - 2 mm
Stock range (b. Corrugated board) Up to B flute or 4mm thickness (subject to quality of the corrugated board) 4 mm 0.7 - 4.5mm
Specifications for diecutting
Maximum die cutting size 1040 x 720 mm (Maximum cutting size can be reached at 1040 x 730 mm when the quick locking system is dismantled from the die chase) 1060x745 mm 1420 x 1080 mm
Inner size of chase 1080 x 745 mm 1080x770 mm 1480 x 1106 mm
Dimensions diecutting plate 1080 x 736 mm - 1472 x 1086 mm
Maximum diecutting pressure 300 T 260 tons 400 tons
Maximum mechanical speed 7500 cycles/hour 6500 cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.) 5500 s/h
Gripper Margin 8-16 mm (Subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.) 9~17 mm 4.5 - 12mm
General Specifications
Total power required 20 KW. 26 KW 36 KW
Power voltage 400V / 50Hz 400V / 50Hz 400V / 50Hz
Net weight of machine 16 tons 22 tons 28 tons
Machine Dimensions 7075(L) x 4155(W) x 2235(H) mm (incl. Catwalk & Preloading rails) 9249(L) x 6036(W) x 2640(H) mm (incl. Catwalk) 9880(L) x 5270(W) x 2580(H) mm

*the specification and design may be modified or changed without prior notice.