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Automatic Flute Laminator.

  • Suitable for Offset printed board to 2 ply / 4 ply pasting.
  • High performance work horse
  • Capable of around the clock productivity.
  • More than 100 installations across India.
  • Several multiple machine users
  • Can also be put to use for board to board pasting..

Available in 2 models

  • FMZ model - max. speed of 6000 sheets per hour
  • SAL model - max. speed of 12000 sheets per hour

Available in 3 sizes

  • 49” x 49”
  • 57” x 57”
  • 65” x 65”

Feeding section for top sheet:

  • Adopts sucker separating head structure.
  • High speed feeder which is stable and reliable and more..

Top sheet delivery

  • Overlapping technology reduces the impact and the shake as well as the speed of the top sheet relatively, which makes the delivery more stable.
  • Belt transportation which can be stable working even at the high speed and more..

Bottom sheet feeding section

  • Suction belt feeding structure makes bottom sheet feeding smooth and nice.
  • The suction force can be adjusted according to the size of the sheet and more..

Board to board pasting

  • Min. bottom sheet thickness approx 380GSM
  • Min. top sheet thickness approx 180GSM and more..

Gluing and pre-press section

  • Special precise registers design is more suitable to high speed and accuracy lamination without bottom sheet exceeding the top sheet.
  • Overload protection has been used for pressing rollers which can avoid the damage of pressing rollers and more..

Press section

  • The transporting belts are imported from Habasit and more..

Automation control system

  • PLC control system, automatic failure detection and alarming and well protected and more..

Automatic Flute Laminator Technical Specification

Model FMZ-1260 FMZ-1450 FMZ-1650 SAL-1300 SAL-1450 SAL-1650
Max. laminating size (mm) 1260mmx1260mm 1450mmx1450mm 1650mmx1650mm 1300mmx1300mm 1450mmx1450mm 1650mmx1650mm
Min. laminating size (mm) 400mmx400mm 500mmx500mm
Weight of top sheet (gsm) 180~450gsm
Suitable bottom Sheet Corrugated 0.5 to 8mm 0.5 to 12 mm
Suitable Bottom Sheet Cardboard Approx. 350 gsm to 2000 gsm
Laminating tolerance ± 1.5 mm ± 1mm
Production Speed (Depends on Sheet Length) 2000~6000s/h 3000 – 12000 s/h
Total power rate (kw) 16kw 16kw 20kw 28kw 28kw 30kw
Total weight (kg) 6800kg 7500kg 8400kg 9900kg 10700kg 11600kg
Measurements (mm) 13900x2110x3060 14500x2300x3060 15170x2500x3060 15700x3500x3210 16000x3650x3210 16350x3850x3210

*the specification and design may be modified or changed without prior notice.

*Option - Stacker at the end of delivery