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Liner Carton Machine

Fully automatic machine suitable for high volume production. Equipped with advanced features - Touch screen control and memory function for time-saving operation. Computer-driven production control system with automatic adjustment and operator friendly.

Feeder and feeding section

  • Feeder stacker can be operated by pneumatic cylinder with timing. Stacker movement timing can be adjusted based on the blank carton length in HMI.
  • Bottom Friction feeding system with pneumatic system is being used, feeder belt with suction and pneumatic vibrator. which increases the free flow of blank cartons and avoids scratches in printed surfaces.

Chain Registration section

  • Our unique design push lay increases the accuracy of registration between blank carton and Liner material on the carton.
  • Pivoted upper rail made up of 6mm round rod and brushes ensures the accurate positioning. easy setting and smooth transfer of blank carton.

Vacuum suction Belt

  • Vacuum suction belt table helps to hold the blank carton tirmly for accurate synchronization of glue impression on the blank carton and to the Film / Liner material on the carton.
  • In the absence of blank carton in vacuum suction belt table, our system senses the absence and retracts vacuum suction belt table downward automatically. It avoids glue being directly getting contact with vacuum belt.

Gluing section

  • Gluing unit is fully retractable for easy cleaning and setting.
  • In the absence of blank carton in vacuum suction belt table, our system senses absences and lifts the glue roller unit upward. there is individual motor driving the glue roller running even if the machine is stopped. It prevents glue getting leaked and roller getting dried.

Tube Forming Section

  • Width of the tube required can be formed using a single plate based on the requirement.
  • Tension of the web roller can be controlled by means of tension controller.
  • Non-contact type heat sealing, heating temperature can be controlled based on our requirement.

Cutting and Patching Section

  • Knife cylinder rotates and it intercrosses with another fixed knife bar and hence cutting the Tube (Liner material) like "scissors". The cutting edge is flat and smooth.
  • Finally Tube (Liner material) on the carton is being registered on the glue formed blank carton.

Control System

  • Designed for user-friendly operations like input data can be given through HMI.
  • Remote control can be used for easy access and operations.

Delivery Section

  • The belt at the delivery section is wide. Operator can adjust the height of the belt and the finished products are aligned in a straight line.
  • Speed of the belt can be adjusted.

Types of material used are Liner Material and Plastic Flim.

Liner Material - MET PET, BOPP, LDPE and PAPER / Suitable for Masala, Ghee, Tea & dry powder packing. Window - PET / PVC / PP / OPP

Liner Carton Machine Specification

Model Single Stream
CARTON SIZE (MAX) Single UP 1000 (W) * 650(L)mm
Double UP 1000 (W) * 300(L)mm
CARTON SIZE (MIN) 100 (W) * 150(L)mm
CARTON THIKNESS Paper 200 gr/m2 -3.000 gr/m2
Corrugated Micro flute - E flute CFB
ACCURACY LEFT / RIGHT ± 0.5mm & TOP / BOTTOM ± 1.5mm
FILM THIKNESS 0.03 - 0.20mm
LINER REEL DIAMETER Inner Core 75mm (Min)
Outer Roll 450mm(Max)
TUBE SIZES Min 90(W) * 160(L)mm
Max 300(W) * 660 (L)mm
MACHINE SPEED Single up 10,000 CPH
(subjected to shape and size of the carton)
Double up 20,000 CPH
(subjected to shape and size of the carton)
POWER Main Machine - 14Kw Liner Attachment - 6.2Kw
MACHINE SIZE (L) 5504 * (W)2480 (3115) * (H) 2683mm
MACHINE WEIGHT 3300Kg (Main Machine) + 1000Kg (Liner Attachment) = 4300Kg

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