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Folding Gluing Machine.

  • Versatile and Productive
  • Available in size range from 550 mm to 1100 mm.
  • Straight Line / Crash lock bottom / Double wall / 4 / 6 corner box pasting
  • Can handle - Regular folding cartons / Corrugated boxes / Plastic cartons
  • Quick changeover features
  • Easy to set up and user friendly.
  • Several retrofittable options.
  • Robust construction
  • Manufactured by Shanghai Eterna - A wholly owned member of BOBST group


  • Eight individual adjustable feed belts to ensure easy setup and smooth feeding
  • Designated A/C motor with micro-adjustable variable speed controller for even spacing of box blanks.

  • Three carriers throughout with pre-breaking sword (180°) on the left side and belt pre-break device (135°) on right side enable the pre-fold of the 1st and 3rd crease lines to make final automatic filling much easier.
  • Sectional upper carrier combined with special design can be telescopically adjusted, no need to tension the belts, quick set up and job change over.



  • Three-carrier construction with split upper carriers..
  • Easy for mounting lock bottom accessories, more operator friendly.

  • Two sets mechanical lower gluing pot (left and right side) are specially designed not to splash glue during high speed production. Both can be used at the same time for easy maintenance..



  • Three-carrier construction.
  • Left and right outward folding belts speed can be micro adjusted to increase folding accuracy.
  • The specially designed left and right outward folding belts can be telescopically adjusted according to different product specifications, no need to tension the belts, quick set up and job change over.

  • Designated A/C motor with micro-adjustable variable speed controller, synchronized with the main machine in auto mode, and micro-adjustable in manual mode .
  • High speed electronic kicker counting system for easy production.


  • Two operation modes of compressing belt speed.
  • Auto – set a box single spacing, compressing belt speed is synchronized with the machine speed by ratio. It moves only when sensor detects the box coming.
  • Manual - compressing belt keeps moving at a constant speed, regardless of main machine speed.

  • One pinwrench adjustment operation for most accessories, operator friendliness.
  • Upper belt width 20mm, lower belt width 25mm.

Folding Gluing Machine Technical Specifications

Available Sizes TA 650 TA 900 TA 1100 BR 1100 TB 1100
Suitability Only Cardboard Cardboard / Upto 3 ply E flute
Capability ( Depends on Options ) Staraighline / Crash lock bottom / Double Wall / 4 / 6 Corner
Max Blank Size 700mm W x 800mm L 900 mm W × 900 mm L 1100 mm W × 1100 mm L 1100 mm W × 800 mm L 1100 mm W × 1100 mm L
Min Blank Size 100mm W x 55mm L 120 mm W × 55 mm L 120 mm W × 55 mm L 126 mm W × 60 mm L / : 76 mm W × 60mm L (Small Box Folding Device Applied as Optional) 145 mm W × 55 mm L
Max. Belt Speed 325 m/min 325 m/min 325 m/min 320 m/min 325 m/min
Overall Length 12140mm 12750mm 12740 mm about 1200 mm 14770 mm
Overall Height 2000mm 2000mm 2000 mm about 1600 mm 2000 mm
Overall Width 1350mm 1550mm 1750 mm about 1800 mm 1750 mm
Power ( Depends on Option ) About 17kw 3ph/400v/50hz About 25kw 3ph/400v/50hz About 26kw 3ph/400v/50hz About 36kw 3ph/400v/50hz About 32kw 3ph/400v/50hz
Total Weight (Approx) About 7.5 tons About 8 tons About 8 tons About 9 tons About 8.8 tons

*folder gluer would have to be carefully configured. Several options are available. please call us for discussion with targeted sample boxes

*the specification and design may be modified or changed without prior notice.