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Automatic Foil Stamping & Die cutting Machine.

  • Hot foil stamping with max. speed of 7500 sph
  • Stability and fine foil transfer capability
  • Equipped with foil saving features
  • Made by Shanghai Eternal Machinery - a member of the BOBST group


  • Patent turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head
  • Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment and more..

Foil Feeding System

  • Two servo motor (3.5KW) driven longitudinal foil advancing shafts each individually programmable for short and long foil stepping
  • Tension roller and foil advancing rollers each driven by 3.5KW servo motors and controlled by New Cube; new pressing roller on tension roller with easy pressure adjustment hence and more..

Diecutting & Stamping Section

  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
  • Precision stationery upper platen and more..

Delivery Section

  • Automatic delivery with non-stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange and more..


  • PLC system to control machine running and trouble monitoring
  • CE standard electrical components and circuit and more..

Automatic Foil Stamping & Die cutting Machine Specifications

Technical Specifications

Max. Sheet Size: 1050x750mm
Min. Sheet Size: 400x360mm
Min Paper : 80gsm (depending on quality)
Max Board up to: 600gsm (depending on quality)
Max. Cutting Size: 1040x720mm
Max. Mechanical Speed: 7500cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)
Max. Cutting Pressure: 300tons
Total Power Required: 74KW
Electrical Power: 220V, 50/60HZ, 3-phase
Air Pump Displacement: 0.8m3/min (Prepared by User)
Net Weight of Machine: 16tons
Machine Dimensions: 5573(L)x4830(W)x2809(H) mm (incl. Catwalk)

Longitudinal Foil Stamping System

Max. Foil Width: 1020mm
Min. Foil Width: 25mm
Max. Stamping Area: 1020x730mm
Max. Foil Reel Diameter: Ø 240mm
Max. Foil Pull Length: 730mm

Cross Foil Stamping System

Max. Foil Width: 600mm
Min. Foil Width : 25mm
Max. Stamping Area : 1020x600mm
Max. Foil Reel Diameter: Ø 200mm
Max. Foil Pull Length : 1020 mm

*the specification and design may be modified or changed without prior notice.

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